... a unique approach to healthy sleep

Sophisticated technology and innovative materials enable the surface heating of THERMOCARE 3+ mattress to a desirable level of temperature before usage and an active body heat during sleeping (WARM mode). The RELAX mode relaxes our body muscles and functions as a preventive to rheumatic and other diseases. It also stimulates every our organ function. Thanks to the advanced technological solutions implemented in the STERILIZE mode, the inner parts of this mattress could get heated up to approx. 85ºC which represents a complete destruction of bacteria, mites and other harmful microorganisms.

Sustav Thermocare 3+ by Bernarda

The THERMOCARE 3+ mattress system with adjustable values in all operating modes (WARM, RELAX, STERILIZE) offers perfect and functional use, with maximum security of use, as it consists of:

  • heater with high protection and protection system, to maintain the anatomical characteristics of the mattress
  • precision control module, easy to use
  • silent electric drive with integrated overload protection
  • innovative PLATINUM CARE 3D linen.

In order to provide a complete preventive protection, this mattress is equipped with a superior PLATINUM CARE 3D linen made from Tencel-C twill and silver ion-based fibers with multiple top features:

  • antibacterial - additional protection against bacteria and fungi
  • antistatic - neutralization of harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation
  • antistress - regeneration of the power and energy of the organism
  • preventive - prevent inflammatory processes and strengthen the body's immunity.

WARM - the surface of the mattress is heated up before going to sleep

The WARM mode contains a system which warms up the surface of the mattress so that a person can lie down on an already warm bed or regulates the temperature of the mattress during sleeping. The levels of temperature adjustments are from 18 to 37ºC and this mode can be used in a period of 12 hours constantly, having 1 minute break interval between changing the temperature.

RELAX - relaxes our body and stimulates organ functions

The RELAX mode THERMOCARE 3+ constantly maintains the surface of the mattress warm (37 - 42ºC), according to anyone’s wishes. In this case the temperature of a human body is also elevated. By raising the body temperature plugged pores are getting opened and toxic materials are leaving our body, dangerous bacteria, viruses, parasites, pathogenic cells are being destroyed and heavy metals removed. The heating up in this mode lasts only 45 minutes and then the regulator device automatically lowers down the temperature to 37ºC. This is how we prevent a human body to be heated up for much too long.

STERILIZE - destroys mites, bacteria and microorganisms

The STERILIZE mode proofs the scientific processes of sterilization to be successful and we recommend it to people with allergies. The inner parts of the mattress are heated up to 85ºC during the interval of 2 hours. With this process the THERMOCARE 3+ completely neutralizes bacteria, fungi, mites and other harmful microorganisms. It also helps with the transport of accumulated moister inside of the mattress.