medical mattress


A top-quality mattress for recreation and sports lovers

The mattress contains a multi-layer superlow pocket core with approx. 1120 independent mini pocket springs per m² in total to achieve top anatomical results. It is well-known for its excellent moisture exchange characteristics thanks to the innovative Cellpur foam with integrated Tencel® beech wood particles which regulate moisture and heat levels.

The mattress linen is made of innovative Wood® fabric which is enriched with herbal essence of the wood pulp.

The essence is produced directly from the core of the beech wood and it represents the best highly efficient natural material against bacteria and fungi.

Therefore this mattress is perfect for recreation and sports lovers, people with rheumatic illnesses and people who lead a very stressful life, mentally and physically.

  • 1120 independent superlow pocket cores for a healthy anatomical rest
  • evenly arranged moisture function and equally faster extraction of moisture thanks to the material of a new generation called Cellpur-Tencel®
  • linen made of innovative Wood® knitting based on natural essence
  • remarkable endurance, durability and coziness
  • produced as H2 and H3 hardness (inflexibility)
  • height of mattress: 29 cm

A mattress which according to standards meets the health requirements for a correct and natural ergonomic adjustment to the spinal anatomy while lying down.

Antibacterial mattress – efficiently works against bacteria, fungi and mites.