medical mattress


A multi zone hard mattress

This is the basic model of a medical mattress with multi zone pocket core. An equal pressure between a body and the mattress is achieved by a different level of hardness of a pocket core in every zone. This mattress provides an independent adjustment to the human body by segments so it qualitatively supports the body in every position while sleeping. Therefore, the body is in a more natural position which reduces the possibility of any spinal deformation appearance.

The standard linen of this mattress is made of Tencel® fibers to achieve antibacterial functions and enriched with aloe vera for gaining a regenerative effect.

  • Anatomic/medical mattress
  • 5 zones pocket spring core
  • Linen made of Tencel® fibers enriched with aloe vera
  • recommended for people who like a harder type of a mattress
  • Height of mattress: 19 cm

Antibacterial mattress – efficiently works against bacteria, fungi and mites.

The multi zone mattress – there is a special placement of the pocket springs with different levels of strength among many zones inside the core of the mattress to achieve more quality ergonomic adjustment of the mattress to the human body anatomy (more zones – higher the quality of motion study).

A mattress which according to standards meets the health requirements for a correct and natural ergonomic adjustment to the spinal anatomy while lying down.

Mattress linen with a patented zipper – the zipper is intended for easier taking off of the mattress linen for washing, airing and dry cleaning (depending on the type of the linen).