baby mattress


a mattress for children with aromatherapy effect

It is a softer type of a mattress intended to preschool children. The abaca (seaweed) fibers coating on jute fabric, a natural material of herbal origin, enable the mattress to be soft but still containing anatomic and ergonomic characteristics which meet the needs of a child. This abaca mattress has aromatherapy function, due to essential oil essences in fibers, and so contributes greatly to physical and spiritual health of a child. Besides, the natural abaca fiber is not prone to static electricity like synthetic materials – thus the feeling of pleasure without moisture.

With this combination of used materials the mattress maintains and regulates the body heat and extracts the body moisture which, due to the Bonnell spring core air conductivity, does not withholds inside its structure.

The innovative PLATINUM CARE 3D silver linen enables the antibacterial, antistatic and anti-stress effect of the mattress.

  • Bonnell spring core
  • Mattress for children’s beds
  • Softer type of mattress
  • Coating made of PU foam and abaca fibers
  • Antibacterial linen
  • Height of mattress: 23 cm

Antibacterial mattress – efficiently works against bacteria, fungi and mites.