lord with adjustable headboard

lord vario

The most important characteristic of the Lord bed is the flexible slat system made of the so called Latoflex elements (the lateral lath made of glulam) and its flexibility function contributes to the distribution of the human body weight, to a quality adjustment of the mattress to the human body and to longer durability of the whole bed system.

  • Complete air exchange provides a healthy climate while sleeping
  • It can be produced in all dimensions up to 100cm in width and length according to customer’s wishes
  • Efficient weight unloading of the mattress up to 15%
  • Possibility of merging 2 beds into a double bed using joints
  • Headboards: Sylt, Sylt Extra, Carlton, Swing, Majestic, Venezia, Venezia Extra, Castello, Arabella, Luxury, Deluxe, Mira
  • Textiles according to offered palettes
  • Height of the bed without legs: 22 cm
  • Bed legs can be wooden, PVC or casters in height of 6.5 cm, 11 cm, 15 cm, and 20 cm
  • Shape of wooden legs can be round or square and according to customer’s wishes they can also be upholstered
  • Slat system contributes to the air flow of the bed and makes a healthy sleep possible

Apart from the standard Lord bed characteristics, this bed prides itself with the following attributes:

  • Headboard height adjustable
  • Suitable for elderly, sick people and people who want a comfortable bed
  • a pocket core mattress is recommended (medical mattress)
  • at the bottom of the bed there is an inbuilt metal stopper in order to prevent the mattress from sliding off the bed