baby mattress


ideal mattress for your child

This type of a mattress is classified as a softer model. Due to its very construction, the Bambino mattress prides itself with the air exchange capability (the result is the perfect absorption of moisture) – thus the healthier climate during the sleep. This mattress provides the most optimal support to a child’s body with its construction because of the adjustable Bonell spring core, linen made of needled felt and PU foam. This way a child can have a peaceful sleep and normal growth. The standard linen of this mattress is made of Tencel® fibers to achieve antibacterial functions.

  • Bonell spring core
  • intended for children’s beds
  • Softer type of mattress
  • Linen made of Tencel® fibers to achieve an efficient antibacterial function
  • Height of mattress: 17 cm