All fluff quilts are sawn in larger measurements than they are due to their shrinkage ability while washing and are welt with a fine stripe. They are washed at 40°C. The coverlet is made of 100% cotton satin. The color is white. We recommend the usage of a few tennis balls when drying in the drier.

The fluff is a soft layer of flakes under feathers of geese or ducks. Feathers and fluffs contain high – quality isolating characteristics.

The feathers and fluff have the highest quality insulation ability. They are used in manufacturing of light but very warm bedding (pillows, quilts). Carefully processed, feathers and fluff bedding retains its high quality insulation for a long period of time, and due to its soft texture it is very comfortable.

The “Ideal N” fluff quilt

  • mostly used in hotels
  • new duck and goose feather, class 1
  • 15% fluff, 85% feather

The “Classica N” fluff quilt

  • improved filling quality
  • new goose feather and fluff, class 1
  • enhanced softness: 60% fluff, 40% feather

The “Luxera” fluff quilt

  • new PILSENER duck feathers and fluff, class 1
  • top quality softness and maximum adjustment:
  • 90% fluff, 10% feather

Dimensions for all quilts: 200 x 135 cm.