• Structure: 90% goose fluff, 10% goose feather
  • Dimensions: 200 x 135 cm
  • Fillings: 580 g

The patented world novelty can simply be turned over according to the season providing the optimal climate in bed and an excellent comfort during the whole year. The world novelty called CLIMACHANGE revolutionizes sleeping. These new and noble quilts and pillows have two different sides which ensure the ideal climate in bed during the whole year – thanks to the special process technique and the differences of the high – quality textile and filling material. Based on the high – quality planned cassette systems, the quilt can be simply turned over, depending on the needs for warmth and the type of season. If it is warm, the summer side of the CLIMACHANGE quilt drains the warmth from the body, into so called “cassette” which opens upwards, enabling the body heat extraction through interstices. This way we stop egregious overheating. However, on the winter side of the quilt the principle has an opposite reaction: “The cassettes” are closing and becoming the heat containers. This way the heat stays preserved in the body.