A high-quality anatomic pillow

  • takes part in preventing some human diseases
  • lessens neck pains, headaches and vertigo…
  • ensures optimal micro-climate conditions
  • has antibacterial and anti-stress effect
  • reduces static electricity

This anatomic pillow supports and adjusts itself optimally to the human structure of shoulders and neck (cervical spine) and it can have a great role in prevention against various spinal core illnesses, such as neck pain, headache or vertigo. It is made of thermo-sensitive Visco memory foam which contains integrated polyurethane spiral springs to achieve an optimal support of a mattress to the human body and an equal position of the cervical spine. At the same time the spiral springs, when under pressure, transport the moisture out of the pillow and import the fresh air, which results in an efficient exchange of moisture inside of this pillow.

In its basic production the Pospanko pillow comes together with the Silver Line linen but the Hydrofast linen is also an option. Its standard production is in two sizes: 70 x 40cm or 50 x 40cm.