A new generation linen with multiple top – quality functions:

  • Antibacterial – a complete protection against bacteria and fungi
  • Anti – static – neutralization of harmful effects of electromagnetic rays
  • Anti – stress – strength and body energy recuperation
  • Preventive – prevention against inflammations and defensive body strength enhancement

This new superior mattress linen gives a whole protection against mites and bacteria in a complete natural way due to cellulose Tencel® fibers. These fibers give the linen very extraordinary antibacterial and skin hydration characteristics. They collect the extra amount of moisture and deposit it in the linen’s structure so the surface always seems dry. The accumulated moisture, depending on dryness of skin, is released again and this process stimulates our cell renovation and hydration in a completely natural way. The excellent moisture regulations and exchange gives the bacteria, mites and other harmful organism poor conditions to evolve.

To achieve a complete protection against harmful organisms, this type of linen has in its structure an additional imbedded molecule which releases oxygen when they come in touch with moisture or salt from our bodies. These oxygen molecules aggressively attach themselves to fungi and bacteria and destroy them physically. Since fungi and bacteria make the dead skin cells softer and mites eat that, in this case, by eliminating bacteria and fungi, mites are left without sources for food and leave the mattress.

Adding silver in a shape of quilted shreds inside the Platinumcare 3D linen a strong efficient energy shield is created to neutralize harmful electromagnetic radiation. Silver is also used, due to its antibacterial characteristics, to prevent different infections. It destroys enzymes which can be found in the bacteria, viruses and fungi system, it is a natural antibiotic and is used to strengthen the immune system by giving it energy and vitality. It also makes our skin firm and is considered to be a preventive measure against allergies and diseases.