• Excellent moisture absorption and release
  • Ideal for usage in humid climates

This coverlet is ideal for people with over-sweating problem. During the night a human body releases approximately 0.5 to 0.75 liters of water. Considering the fact that a dry climate is healthier and more pleasant than a humid one, the mattress must contain porosity and airing ability, especially in regards to the surface layer so that a person would not sleep in a pool of water - so to say in their own pool. The moisture in bed is very dangerous because it assists in creation of rheumatic illnesses and that is why we have to provide the moisture absorption into inner pillowed parts and gather it in hygroscopic materials. This is the main characteristic of the HydroFast Line collection of coverlets. Thanks to compounds which achieve good air conductivity, the moisture is arranged all over the mattress surface so that it quickly goes out of the coverlet and mattress without staying too long in inner structures. The user of this line feels very comfortable; the sleep is uninterrupted and has a regenerative effect in the midst of exact exchange of air and water.