• Fire and high temperature resistance
  • A “self-extinguishing” capability

The Fire Resistant Line linen is made of textiles processed by special procedures which create the fire-resistant ability. We are talking about textiles with British Standard fire-resistant certificate (British Standard) – Crib 1 (cigarette test). This linen contains a “self-extinguishing” ability, which means that during a slight contact with cinder (like a cigarette cinder) it releases an inflammable “gel” (the structure of the coverlet melts) which isolates oxygen by its equal diffusion and makes further development of flame impossible.

We use it in our nautical (Nautica line) and hotel programs, but it can be also used for individual usage. The inner structure of a mattress with this type of linen is made of sponge, coconut, PES wadding, wool, cotton and other tested materials which are marked with fire-resistant attests.