Piccolino - a mattress for children with aromatherapy effect

  • Bonnell spring core
  • Mattress for children’s beds
  • Softer type of mattress
  • Coating made of PU foam and abaca fibers
  • Antibacterial linen
  • Height of mattress: 23 cm

It is a softer type of a mattress intended to preschool children. The abaca (seaweed) fibers coating on jute fabric, a natural material of herbal origin, enable the mattress to be soft but still containing anatomic and ergonomic characteristics which meet the needs of a child. This abaca mattress has aromatherapy function, due to essential oil essences in fibers, and so contributes greatly to physical and spiritual health of a child. Besides, the natural abaca fiber is not prone to static electricity like synthetic materials – thus the feeling of pleasure without moisture.

With this combination of used materials the mattress maintains and regulates the body heat and extracts the body moisture which, due to the Bonnell spring core air conductivity, does not withholds inside its structure. The innovative PLATINUM CARE 3D silver linen enables the antibacterial, antistatic and anti-stress effect of the mattress.

Bambino - ideal mattress for Your child

  • Bonell spring core
  • intended for children’s beds
  • Softer type of mattress
  • Linen made of Tencel® fibers to achieve an efficient antibacterial function
  • Height of mattress: 17 cm

This type of a mattress is classified as a softer model. Due to its very construction, the Bambino mattress prides itself with the air exchange capability (the result is the perfect absorption of moisture) – thus the healthier climate during the sleep. This mattress provides the most optimal support to a child’s body with its construction because of the adjustable Bonell spring core, linen made of needled felt and PU foam. This way a child can have a peaceful sleep and normal growth. The standard linen of this mattress is made of Tencel® fibers to achieve antibacterial functions.

Marco Polo

This type of a mattress is the best choice (safety, hygiene and quality) for a newborn to achieve a peaceful and safe sleep no matter where you are. It is made of the most quality antibacterial material (medically tested) and it does not contain any rigid elements. It contains two main layers – the central polyester wad (PES) core and Tencel® fabric and upper antibacterial knitting linen. The Tencel® fibers also ensure an extraordinary temperature regulation and moisture exchange – thus a relaxed and calm sleep. It can be washed at 40º temperature and easy to carry around in its appropriate bag. It makes the stay easier for youngest in Your family, wherever you are!

Sleepy - a traveling bed for children

Multifunctional foldable children’s bed used on the road and it is easy to handle:

  • Perfect bed for small road trips because of its small dimensions and appropriate carrying bag
  • Safe for children because of its high rails
  • recommended with portable antibacterial mattress Marco Polo as a set
  • It could be also a child’s space for playing
  • Dimensions are 125 x 65 x 75 cm
  • Dimensions of the foldable bed inside the carrying bag are 23 x 21 x 78 cm
  • Available in many colors