A new way of individual selection of optimal bed system

How to choose the most suitable bed for yourself, with such a wide range on the market?

Together with the Faculty of Forestry of University of Zagreb, Furniture and Timber Production Department, the BERNARDA Co. has started to use the latest sophisticated method – THE ERGOTEST measuring equipment, which enables determining optimal bed for individual sleeper.

THE ERGOTEST measuring equipment consists of flexible measuring mat with built-in pressure sensors and measuring device that links the system to a computer for data processing.

How does THE ERGOTEST work?

The procedure is very simple. The mat is first secured onto the bed chosen by the customer. This enables measuring the pressure between the body and the bed. The pressure of the surface is shown in colored graphics on the screen, and the results can be printed out and compared. Measured values are processed in the programme, while the results are presented in an easily understandable image of pressure distribution.

Therefore, the usage of THE ERGOTEST measuring equipment provides a very accurate analysis and makes finding of the ideal "dream bed" possible.