it cools down when everything gets warmer

The "Cool Vision" mattresses a unique innovation, offering a new generation of sleep comfort and rest.

Its fundamental feature is the efficient cooling of its surface when in contact with moisture resulting from body perspiration during sleep. This natural cooling process on the principle of evaporative cooling is achieved through a special combination of TENCEL® fibers and innovative polymer molecules.

Besides the TENCEL® fibers and all of its antibacterial and anti-allergic advantages, the new "Cool Vision" mattress has special polymer molecules embedded in its fabric which are responsible for the regulation of temperature and moisture.


While the body of the sleeping person produces sweat during sleeping, this moisture is absorbed and retained inside these molecules.



Due to the heat that comes with the sweat, the molecules increase in volume, supporting the absorption of moisture.


Inside the molecules the moisture cools down and, consequently, resulting in a natural cooling of the surface of the mattress.

As the volume of the molecules decreases because of the cooling, the cold moisture is finally released slowly from inside and evaporates from the surface of the mattress ticking, which has not only a pleasant, refreshing effect but also supports the natural hydration and regeneration of the skin.

This entire natural, purely physical process may be repeated numerous times during sleep, depending on the frequency of sweating.

Thermo-graphic images of the "Cool Vision" mattress ticking and a standard mattress ticking offer a look at the evident differences in response to moisture with increased temperature.

Cool vision by Bernarda has the Öko-tex standard 100 certification that proves that the products do not contain harmful chemicals and chemicals, are environmentally friendly and can be in constant contact with the skin.

TENCEL® fibers made from wood pulp combine all the positive properties of all known natural and synthetic fibers. It distinguishes them:

  • antibacterial and antiallergic properties - removal of moisture from the sleeping body negatively affects the development of bacteria, mites and molds, thereby reducing the risk of allergy
  • fast absorption and moisture transport - moisture stored inside the fiber and releases to the edges that ensures comfortable and dry sleep
  • great airiness - thanks to numerous tiny pores
  • extraordinary softness and silky appearance
  • strength and durability.