color is important

The environment that surrounds us is very significant for getting a healthy sleep. Together with the quality of air, noise and smells the environment is also related to the colors that surround us before going to bed. An experiment which included 25 color patterns and was conducted on 400 examinees resulted in 140 different conceptions of color impressions:


bitter, rivalry, fresh, stingy, envy, curiosity, sours
pleasant, hard-working, polite, cheery, happiness, goodness, youth, optimism
aroma, safety, comfortableness, closeness, sympathy, warmth
brutal, dynamic, selfish, femininely, wild, aggressive, energetic, dangerous, hot, strong, loud, sexual, warm, wild
spicy, romantic
aggressive, cheap, chemical, stupid, hastily, artificial, loud, comical, modern, sweet, unconventional
small, naive, sweet, gentle
harmonized, smart, male, calm, safe, loyal, confidence
fresh, cold, new, sport
calming, decent, cold, quiet, middle, distance, longing
healthy, hope, natural
modest, kind, tolerant
old, lazy, repulsive, broken, dirty
repulsive, old, burdened, depressive, heavy, unkind, dirty
honest, religious, neutral, light, clean, silence, innocent, truth
old, honest, lonely, functional, introvert, conservative, boring, insecure
burdened, bad, brutal, depressive, hard, power, magical, heavy, sadness, sad